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A True Virginian

Matt Strickland is a fifth-generation Virginian. This state and this country mean everything to him. He will not retreat, nor will he allow corrupt politicians to ignore the values that built the greatest nation this world has ever seen.

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Inspired by his grandfather, who served as an Infantryman with the 3rd Army under General Patton in World War II, Matt enlisted in the Army in 2001.

Matt reported to the 25th infantry on September 10, 2001, not knowing that the following day his life would change forever.


Cooking has always been one of Matt’s hobbies and biggest passions, and owning a restaurant was always his ultimate goal.


On Memorial Day weekend, 2016, Matt opened the window on his first food truck, Gourmeltz. It quickly became a success, and he and his wife, Maria, grew from one truck to three trucks in just over a year. In February of 2018, he sold the food trucks and opened the doors to the restaurant version of Gourmeltz. 


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