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Matt Strickland Announces Campaign for State Senate

Spotsylvania Owner of Gourmeltz Defied Governor’s COVID-19 Shutdown & Won

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA – Matt Strickland, the entrepreneur who defied Ralph Northam’s unconstitutional economic shutdown at the beginning of COVID-19 and won, announced his campaign for State Senate in Virginia’s 27th district, which includes parts of Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania Counties.

In an announcement video released on social media, Strickland said:

“While you and I have been busy fighting wars, working, and raising our families, career politicians have introduced – and passed – legislation that is destroying our state and our country… I’m running for state senator here in the new district 27. I’m going to stop the destruction of our state and our country. And I’m going to hold those responsible accountable.”

Strickland gained national attention when he stood up for thousands of Virginia small businesses in the early days of Ralph Northam’s lockdown by refusing to close his Fredericksburg restaurant. When the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) threatened to shut down Strickland’s business for good, Strickland stood his ground – and won. VDH dropped its lawsuit and Strickland’s business licenses were restored in June 2020.

When elected, Strickland vows to serve only two terms while fighting to codify term limits into law. He also promises to “restore power to the people” by using the 27th District as a direct channel from the hardworking men and women of Virginia to the state legislature in Richmond.

Strickland will hold Democrats and Republicans accountable for chipping away at our Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms by building a citizen movement to hold Virginia’s 27th state senate district.



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