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Virginian. Veteran. Business Owner.

The issues that compel Matt to run for the State Senate

Mitigate Government Overreach

Be it mask mandates that threaten our freedom, vaccine mandates that threaten our civil liberties, or business mandates that threaten each and every one of our abilities to succeed, our government has overstepped its role in our society. These government actions have led us to question where our government will overstep next. In the State Senate, I will serve as a safeguard against government overreach and work tirelessly to fight actions taken by our government that break the Constitution.

Returning Power and Influence to the People

In Richmond, just as in Washington, D.C., it’s apparent that the people no longer hold power over their government. Corporations, big pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, and other power brokers have overtaken control of our government with an aim to serve themselves rather than the people of the Commonwealth. It’s time to reform this funnel of power and influence. In the State Senate, I will work towards government reforms that return the power to the people. When I serve in Richmond, big pharmaceutical representatives will no longer be allowed to sit on boards that directly impact their industry; political candidates will no longer be allowed to accept contributions from corporations, and there will be an overall cap on campaign contributions.

Border Security

Border security directly affects the livelihoods of everyday Virginians like you and me. When illegal immigrants come into our country, we don’t know who they are nor whether they present a danger to our communities and citizens. I will ensure stricter cooperation with federal authorities to ensure that Richmond is working to obey our federal immigration laws. 

Police and First Responders

The police and first responders fight day in and day out to protect our communities. They are the first line of defense against all forms of harm and danger. In the State Senate, I will stand up against Radical Extremists who want to promote policies like “Defund the Police” to ensure our officers and first responders can do their jobs without worry of community backlash.


Radical policies like “Critical Race Theory” only divides our children by race, color, and creed. That is flat out wrong. Local school boards are afraid to lose federal and state funding for standing up against radical policies (like mask mandates and test standards), and our children are suffering because of that. I will stand up to these radical idealists in Richmond and fight for parents’ rights.

Taxes and Economy

Taxes in Virginia have become too high, and it’s putting the most stress on hardworking Virginians and their families. Virginia needs to lower taxes across the board. And there should be no taxation on military retirement, personal property, or groceries. Our state government should also strive to create a more self-sufficient economy. Virginia should work to export far more than it imports and bring good paying jobs to the Commonwealth through incentives and other pro-economy policies.

2nd Amendment

As a constitutional conservative, I believe the 2nd Amendment must be protected at all costs. I will be a fervent supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights in the State Senate.


As a father of four beautiful children, I strongly support the right to life. Democrats want the ability to murder nine-month-old babies, and I will protect those infants who are the most vulnerable members of our society. After serving in the military, I know what it means to protect life and see life lost. Our priority should always be to protect the innocent.

I will proudly support protecting the unborn and prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion. I will keep fighting to protect all lives!

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