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Thomas Homan

Thomas Homan

Former Police Officer & Acting ICE Director

“I have been a law enforcement officer for nearly 35 years and was nominated by President Trump as the first ICE Director that came up through the ranks. As someone who has worked for, served with, and led law enforcement professionals, I know how vital it is to have a safe and secure country led by true brave patriots. I understand that this country is at a time of crisis and fixing our nation’s problems begins at the local level. After meeting and speaking to Matt Strickland about his numerous policy positions and America First beliefs, I am convinced that he is a candidate who will be a strong fighter for his community, his state, and his nation. Matt’s leadership on the battlefield and his courage to fight corrupt bureaucracy is exactly what the statehouse in Richmond needs. Matt has my full support not only in the form of an endorsement, but as I am in his district, I will be voting for him. Matt is the right guy, at the right time, who has the right solutions.” - Thomas Homan

Join me in donating to Matt's campaign here:

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