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Suparna Dutta

Suparna Dutta

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s nominee for the Board of Education and a co-founder of Coalition for TJ

"Matt Strickland is just the kind of strong American leader we need in Richmond, Virginia. He is not only a businessman and a patriot but he is a papa bear who has stood up with moral courage time and time again for economic prosperity, civil rights, parents' rights and children.

I know firsthand how important it is to have leaders in Richmond who listen to us -- the ordinary citizen, the ordinary parent.

As an accidental activist in the parents' movement, I led a coalition of parents for candidate Glenn Youngkin and was then appointed by Gov. Youngkin to the Virginia Board of Education, only to be cancelled by Democratic lawmakers whom we must defeat with brave new leaders like Matt.

Our children, our Commonwealth of Virginia and our nation suffer when we elect ideologues and activists who lower educational excellence and bring divisive ideology into classrooms.

By standing up to educrats and by exposing corruption at countless school board meetings, Matt is just the papa bear we need for the people of Virginia Senate District No. 27!" 

Join me in donating to Matt's campaign here:

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