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Lisa Phelps

Lisa Phelps

Spotsylvania School Board

Lee Hill District

"Voters in new Virginia District 27 will be getting a big win electing Matt Strickland."

"I am excited to endorse Matt Strickland for senate. He is indeed the most child-centered candidate running. With determination he pressed on encouraging parents and children to never give up on attaining a quality education by standing firm and press the school board to return our children to in-person learning and the removal of the mask mandate in school.

Matt leads as a power of example to our community and understands the utmost importance of parental involvement. He has the courage, willingness, and boldness to ensure parents play an integral role in their child's learning. With Strickland on the ballot, you can vote for a successful, seasoned, experienced business owner, dad and veteran, who has a reputation of being a principled leader."

Join me in donating to Matt's campaign here:

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